Established in 2000, our team of digital modelling and rendering specialists have over 20 years experience of bringing your visions to life. Our growing clientele include architects, designers, engineers, product developers, government bodies and marketing consultants.

Specialising in 3D visualisation through the creation of computer generated images (CGI’s), we have a dedicated team of industry leading 3D artists, designers, multimedia specialists and use the latest computer hardware and software to produce photo-realistic 4K images, 3D animations and immersive VR experiences of your unbuilt spaces or products.

Working in collaboration, we strive to understand your key aims & objectives, then delivering the product within timeframe and budget , so you can market/present your vision long before construction begins.

No project is too big, or too small. Let us know what you require to bring your designs to reality and we will take care of the rest!

Meet the team

Alan Gawn

Managing Director

Graham Kenny

Lead CGI Artist & Studio Manager

Nathan McClenaghan

Digital Modelling Manager & VR Specialist

Caroline Thompson

Office & Accounts Manager